Final Charge® Global Extended Life 50/50 Prediluted Coolant/Antifreeze 55 gal. Drum


For All Heavy-Duty Engines

One Million Mile Protection Guaranteed+

Meets the Performance Requirements of CAT EC-1



Guaranteed protection for one million miles of on-road use (8 years of 20,000 hours of off-road use)+. No SCAs or chemically charged filters required. Excellent heat transfer for high temperature applications. Outstanding protection against corrosion and cavitation. Non-abrasive formula can improve water pump seal life. Eliminates drop-out, gel and scale. Can be mixed with other coolants (to maintain corrosion protection contamination, levels should be kept below 25%).

Meets these specifications: CAT EC-1, Cummins CES 14603, Detroit Diesel 93K217, MAN 324 Type SNF, MTU 5048, ASTM D7583 (John Deere Coolant Cavitation Test) per AST D6210, Mercedes DBL 7700, Mercedes 326.3, Behr Radiator, ASTM D-6210, Navistar CEMS-B1-Type IIIa.

Meets These Performance Requirements: John Deere H24A2 & H24C2, PACCAR, Volvo/Mack, TMC RP329.

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