Couplers – Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect



Stainless Steel Models

D10076 1/4″ Plug with 1/4″ NPT-F, Stainless Steel
D10077 1/4″ Plug with 1/4″ NPT-M, Stainless Steel
D10078 3/8″ Plug with 3/8″ NPT-F, Stainless Steel
D10079 3/8″ Plug with 3/8″ NPT-M, Stainless Steel

Standard Models

D10001 1/4″ Plug with 1/4″ NPT-F
D10003 3/8″ Plug with 3/8″ NPT-F
D10002 1/4″ Plug with 1/4″ NPT-M
D10001 3/8″ Plug with 3/8″ NPT-M

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