Phase Change Material

Surry Chemicals, Inc. has developed an eco-friendly Phase Change Material that we believe will change the industry!
Microencapsulated phase change materials (MicroPCMs) are very small bi-component particles consisting of a core material, the PCM, and an outer shell or capsule wall. PCMs are low melting materials with melt points in the range of -22°F to 158°F that can absorb and release large amounts of heat. The capsule wall is an inert, stable polymer or plastic.

In its solid phase it will absorb heat as the external temperature rises. The temperature of the PCM will mirror the external temperature until the PCM’s melt point is reached.
When the melt point of the PCM is reached the PCM will begin to melt, i.e. “Change Phase.”
During the phase change process, the PCM will absorb large amounts of heat with almost no change in temperature.
It also provides a cooling effect. Since the process of phase change is dynamic, the materials are constantly changing from a solid to a liquid and back depending upon the level of physical activity of the body and the outside temperature.
PCM’s give off heat as they change to a solid state (Heating) and absorb heat as they return to a liquid state(Cooling). Heating and Cooling. A cooling effect is obtained when heat is stored by the PCM..
Microencapsulated PCMs are used to regulate temperatures and for heat storage in a variety of applications. A primary use of the microPCM products is in the coating of fabrics and foams for the textile industry. The coated materials have broad applications for use in various wearing apparel such as inner and outer garments, gloves and footwear. These end-use products containing microPCMs work by absorbing the body’s excess heat, storing that heat, and releasing it back to the body as needed.
Microencapsulated PCMs are also finding widespread use in several other application areas, including in:
Lifestyle Apparel – Fleece vests, men’s and women’s hats, gloves and rainwear.
Outdoor Sports Apparel – Jackets and jacket linings, boots, shoes, and socks.
Bedding – Mattresses, mattress pads, pillows and comforters, and foam material.
Automotive – Seating and liners in helmets.
Electronics – For cooling electrical components in computers, increasing duty cycles in lasers, and helping maintain constant temperatures for scientific instrumentation and military equipment used in the field.
Building Materials – To increase the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. The materials are being used in combination with radiant heat and solar energy to extend the heating and cooling efficiencies of these systems. PCMs are also being incorporated in paint, roofing, plasters, fiberboards, tiles, and insulation.
Storage Solutions – To protect food, beverages, medical products, and temperature-sensitive chemicals in transit.
Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for necessary safety and handling precautions for this product.
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